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What We Do

At Integrate! we focus on transforming corporate culture and improving employee engagement by revitalizing relationships between people. Through our unique methods, we have had great success bringing new life to organizations, a renewed sense of purpose to employees and a feeling of pride and accomplishment to HR and management professionals, all while improving profitability and productivity. Our areas of expertise include:

Synergistic Team Building

There is much to be gained from teams that work well together. Creativity, productivity, profitability all improve. Despite the many benefits, team building is no easy task. We help you create a corporate culture that supports teams to be creative, loyal, productive, excited, inspired and full of energy. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Tension Resolution

Today’s business world is plagued with extreme competition, lack of understanding, conflict, aggression, slander and stress. We help organizations defuse workplace tension with ease by fixing what’s broken - the relations between people. The result - happier people, huge savings, greater efficiency and productivity.

Diversity Integration

Different cultures, social and educational backgrounds, generation gaps and inter-departmental barriers make working toward a common goal difficult. We help companies realize the full potential of diversity in the workplace by improving people’s understanding and appreciation of each other and thus, their ability to collaborate.

Smooth Transitions

In today's business world, change is the only thing that doesn't change. We help companies manage employees through the process of implementing change with minimal disturbance to the business, no unnecessary stress placed on employees and many gains to the company's corporate culture and bottom line.

How We Do It


The Circles Method is our most effective means to help transform your organization’s culture and help you become the collaborative leader you need to be to succeed in today’s changing business landscape.

The Circles Method was developed to provide a comprehensive approach to group communication to enhance trust and understanding between employees. When people are given an opportunity to speak and when all voices are heard in a respectful and attentive way, the atmosphere becomes a rich source of collaboration, idea generation and inspiration, while negative influences such as tension and aggression dissipate.

We use the Circles Method in all kinds of situations including conducting meetings and brainstorming sessions, and resolving interpersonal and inter-team issues of all types. People who have experienced the Circles Method swear by its effectiveness and do not understand how business could be conducted in any other way.


No ideas evolve in isolation; they emerge out of people’s interactions. When people are connected, things fall into place.” — Deloitte Research Series: Connecting People to What Matters


To engage in the culture transformation process, your employees need to understand what is being done and the benefits they stand to gain from the changes. A critical part of our method is sharing information about everything we do and how it will impact your employees and the business. To this end, we deliver engaging, informative, and thought-provoking presentations based on science, psychology and examples from our professional experience.


“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” — Plato


For children life is a constant game. As a result, they never run out of energy or that shameless drive to participate with others. We help turn your workplace into a playground for personal development by using carefully crafted connection games to encourage participation, collaboration, and learning. Your employees’ view of work will be forever transformed. Rather than dragging themselves to work, people will jump out of bed like children because the workplace will become a positive environment where they are able to realize themselves, bloom, and develop.


“Play fosters belonging and encourages cooperation.” — Stuart Brown, MD (Contemporary American psychiatrist)

“Play is the highest form of research.” — Albert Einstein


It is a well known fact that human beings are a product of their environment. Only to the extent that you promote your desired corporate values, will they become important and ingrained in your employees.

We help you promote your desired values through all means possible including corporate media, communications, circle discussions, and the organisation of special events such as shared meals, games sessions, and corporate town-hall meetings.


Although well worth the effort in terms of profitability and employee engagement, transforming your corporate culture is no overnight endeavor. To be successful, serious commitment and support are a must. Consider us a coach and cheerleader on this path. We lend you full support in terms of useful information and practical recommendations and make ourselves accessible to you for the entire term of our engagement via email/web, telephone or onsite at your location.

Why We Do It

The numbers say it all: Bad corporate culture is costly and good corporate culture pays off.


of employees looking for another job


of employees unhappy at work


higher level of productivity


higher level of profitability

(in companies with good corporate culture versus non)
(in companies with good corporate culture versus non)

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