Do you remember the Braveheart speech when Scottish hero William Wallace rallies his countrymen to freedom? I can’t remember the exact words but I do remember Wallace charging up and down the front lines on a white horse, the classic hero figure, getting his men all worked up before the final battle – which they ultimately win. I’m sure Wallace at the time was tapping into the most effective means

History is strewn with examples of technologies and processes that have become obsolete as a consequence of progress. A few that come to mind are fax machines, the yellow pages directory (delivered whether you wanted it or not!) and of course, the good old family photo album, all of which are now thankfully hard to come across. In this post I’d like to boldly suggest that the corporate hierarchy, yes,

A few weeks ago my wife sent me a blog entry titled “The Feelgood Manager: Is ensuring workplace happiness a full-time job?” I added it to my growing collection of bookmarks fully aware that I had become a terrible pack-rat of unread articles and websites. Despite this tendency there was something in this title that captivated me. I kept thinking about it…feelgood manager. It sounded cool, maybe this was the